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A conversation with Ovy got me to try out a pair of sixth-scale Adidas-like track pants from an eBay seller in China (from the TYM031 sports clothing set). You may have seen them among the "goofing" photos in the Silver Linings photo story thread. I used the same body to answer a question about head and body skin tone matching by ReverendSpooky, and stumbled across a minor discovery. While I had tested the pants on a hard-plastic open-jointed body and determined they will not stain, as I suspected the stretchy fabric caused plenty of fiber transfer. But before automatically going to wash it off (or reaching for the lint brush), it occurred to me that the tiny fibers were a way to achieve a relatively subtle body hair effect. So I massaged the offending garment onto the silicone surface in sensible places for a quick test, and I think the result confirmed my theory. I didn't even think to remove the protective powder before I applied the effect, which might have enhanced it. We have looked at other ways of adding an extra touch of realism through either attaching body hair, or spreading it on with a paint brush, or painting it with the finest pens that would cure on the surface, but in most instances the result is not subtle enough. This seems to overcome that problem, although it might be a tad too subtle. At any rate, here are some photos.

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The result is semi-permanent in this sense: you cannot easily remove the effect by handling or even wiping the surface. But you can use a lint brush to lift the fibers or you can wash the surface with soap and water. Either way, remember to re-apply protective powder.

What do you think?

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Just sharing a video I made earlier on what I do to loosen uncomfortably tight joints of toys (that could break!). I recently bought a DC Icons Doomsday and when he arrived, I noticed his leg joints were tight so I thought I'd take this opportunity to make a video of fixing the problem haha Smile

All you need is a bottle of silicone shock oil. I use the Traxxas brand. I bought it like 2 or 3 years ago and it still works perfectly now. That tiny bottle cost me just $2 or $3 from Amazon. Just one drop per tight joint or area, just wiggle until it loosens up Very Happy

Works on Figuarts, Figma, Neca, DC Icons, Mattel, Marvel Legends, Revoltech, Mafex based on my personal experience Smile

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Search found 2 matches for silicone

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