To quote Arthur Bishop from The Mechanic (2011), "Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment" (brought to you courtesy of DeltaForceChung's signature). In this thread, you are invited to share your experience in dealing with stains on your action figures -- seamed or seamless, hard plastic or soft silicon alike. Tell us what works and what doesn't work or even backfires.

I will start with some examples of my own.

Fittingly enough, my head sculpt of Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) from the ZC Toys Mechanic 2.0 set (see here: ) suffered some staining when I placed a sea captain's hat on it (not sure why I did that) and the black pleather lining came into contact with the hard plastic surface for a few days. I followed the recommended procedure, washed it gently with soap and water, and applied Benzoyl Peroxide to it (more specifically, AcneFree Terminator 10, which is 10% this active ingredient). After repeating the procedure maybe 20 times every other day or so, the stain has completely disappeared.

The same worked with the recent "plump" body from WorldBox, which was stained by its black shorts. Far less successful (because of different plastic or much older stain?) was my treatment of a Kaustic Plastik muscle body, which was stained by a black pleather jacket -- the fight continues.

I have seen the same treatment advice proffered for the seamless silicon bodies. These do seem to gradually absorb some of the staining that they suffer, but I have never had the patience or composure to avoid treating them. Usually that has meant frantically trying to remove some of the stain with a lint brush and copious amounts of protective powder, then letting it be and hoping for the best. In the case of a Jiaou Doll figure (which seems to have a different rubbery "skin" than the Phicen/TBLeague figures), I actually followed the treatment outlined above: washed it, dried it, applied the Benzoyl Peroxide. A couple of days later washed that off and the stain was gone. Victory! However, weeks or months later when I dug out the body from its box to test a skin tone match with a head sculpt, I discovered what you see in the photos below. The "brown" body had broken out into splotches of more intense coloring (which are a bit like make up and can rub off a little on whatever you use to wipe them with). I am not sure whether this is reparable, but I do think it is related to my treatment of the body with the Benzoyl Peroxide. Do you have any advice? Have you tried this on Phicen/TBLeague with the same or different results? At any rate, a cautionary tale.

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