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Product Name: 1:6 movable doll cat knight - Angelo


Commodity series: Dobbys series
Limited quantity: 99 sets
Arrival date: third quarter of 2019

Height: main body 35CM mount fish 20CM

Product accessories list: collection card * main body * fish mount * big gun * chest armor * backpack * arm arm * leg armor * hidden accessories
Product Accessories List: Collection Card * Main Body * Fish Mount * Gun * Chest Armor * Backpack * Armor * Leg Armor * Hidden Accessories

Story of the work: story fragment, ancient legend: legendary country, Kelvin

The beautiful Kingdom of Kelvin has an ancient legend. In the distant chaotic time and space, the star of Yingdewa is home to a kind-hearted celebrity in the northern part of the ocean. They are called Kelvin. They are the descendants of cats, living on the bottom of the sea, creating the air layer on the seabed through magic to survive, fishing for a living, living a peaceful and peaceful life. But one day, this silence was broken and the mouse invaded. After many years of war tempering, the rat country has been transformed into a group of fierce demons with incredible fighting power. They made machines and trained humans. They sent the executioner Andrew to lead the mouse and robotic corps to attack the Kelvin kingdom. Soon, the beautiful Kelvin was captured.
Kelvin's kind and beautiful people screamed for the slaves of the mice, and their robots used their whip to slap the labor of day and night, because they were overworked and died. But Kelvin used to be the most brave clan, are they so destroyed? Do not! There is also Prince Angelo. He and his beautiful wife escaped in the war and were not taken away by the Rat Legion. They went through the arduous journey across the sea to the Kingdom of Dobitis to find their friend Bolton, who told them to create an epic armor to fight the wicked Andrew and the mice. To build armor, you must first go to the Western Wushan to kill the megaliths and grind their bones into powder, and then mix them into molten iron to cast hard armor. Then go to the Buzz Black Hole in the south to find blue-orange green gemstones and the Dead Sea in the north to find purple-yellow pink gemstones, and find skilled craftsmen inlaid on the armor. Finally, go to the endless river in the east to find the mermaid that survived in the ancient times, and get the tears of the mermaid, drop into the gemstones embedded in the armor, and then bring back the armor to find Bolton.
When Angelo and her beautiful wife came to the elders with the finished armor, they had become superpowered fighters because of the hard adventures. Bolton looked at them proudly and took them to the Wizard Hall. Hall is a wizard who can't see his face wearing a black robe. Hall is stroking their heads and said deeply: "It's very good. Now everything is in place, only the east wind. The key to this armor is to forget. After putting on, I will apply magic, let you forget all the hustle and bustle in the world, including your lover. Then you can be one, put the power of armor to the extreme, defeat all terrible demons, and your kingdom. The people are free." Angelo's brows are locked, and the bright blue eyes roll out of the crystal tears. He looked at his wife, she was already crying, but she still resisted tears and said: "Go, for our people, our sacrifice is worth it." Then he turned away and disappeared into the fog....... .
The prince Angelo finally put on his armor, and the wizard gave him magic to forget all the shackles and turned into a cold-blooded fearless warrior, leading his people to defeat the abominable mice and kill the uncle. Twisted the uncle's head and squatted on the castle on the bottom of the sea to feed the fish.
The people of the Kingdom of Kelvin are free, but they have not returned to peace and tranquility before. Angelo became a tyrant who fought like a war, launched wars everywhere, expanded his country's territory, and even attacked the land-based countries, and used the former friendly Dobbyes and Hermann kingdoms as enemies. The strength of the Kelvin Kingdom is strong day by day, but it has lost all its friends. The wizard is happy, because the master messenger behind the scenes is actually him. He has seen Angelo’s immeasurable strength and wants to use him to complete his ambition to rule the world and regard him as his own chopsticks. The beautiful Yingdewa planet has turned into a gunpowder-filled planet. The beautiful white spherical clouds have become black because of the war and the smoke of a large number of weapons factories. Angelo’s old wife came to him and begged him not to be like this. He begged him to still have a quiet life for the people, but now Angelo, who has become a human touch, can listen to her advice and kill himself in anger. A beautiful wife. His wife's hot blood splashed on Angelo's shiny armor, and the blood of the lover's blood merged with the mermaid's tears to break the wizard's magic. All of Angelo’s memories were restored. Angelo looked at his wife who had been killed by his own hands on the ground. His heart was broken and his tears fell like rain. He shouted. He grabbed the wizard, killed him, and sealed his soul forever at the bottom of Wushan, so that he could never live forever.
The world has restored the peace of the past, and various countries have begun to restore the beautiful Yingdewa planet. Angelo buried the ancient gods in the deepest seabed in the north, and sealed them with the ancient Evan spell. Only those who have pure hearts and no evil thoughts can get it. He himself picked up his beautiful wife and jumped into the deep sea outside the air layer...

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