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Since the subjects of different body types, heights, care, precautions, etc. keep coming up when it comes to TBLeague's (previously Phicen's) super-flexible seamless bodies with steel internal skeletons, and since the information provided is scattered across a dozen topics in various states of completeness or relevance, I decided to start a thread that tries to assemble everything we need to know as a central area of reference for these bodies.

The plan is to start with a basic image guide (arranged alphabetically by model name/number), accompanied with basic info and links to reviews or other posts, then follow with some basic information as to care, clothing, etc.

I'm starting with items from my collection, but I certainly do not own every body type, so I'm inviting those of you who have versions I'm missing to submit similar images for inclusion -- of course you will be credited accordingly. Please submit such images, information, or suggestions below.


Part I: Male Bodies (Post 2 below)
Part II: Female Bodies (Post 3 below)
Part III: Skintone (Post 4 below)
Part IV: Body Type (Post 5 below)
Part V: Care and Maintenance (Post 6 below)
Part VI: Clothing (Post 7 below)
Part VII: Customizing (Post 8 below)

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I used to have these posted somewhere, but I can't find them so here we go again, just in case someone finds them useful or funny...

Fed up with its bad wrists and other shortcomings, I decided to experiment on one of my M31 bodies (this was back in 2017). Long story short, the stainless steel skeleton was emancipated from its rubbery silicone flesh ("skin"), with education results as to how it really works -- though I am by no means the first or last to dissect a Phicen/TBLeague body. It was remarkable how tough it was to cut through the silicone material, even on purpose with a sharp X-Acto knife.

Topics tagged under steel on OneSixthFigures Phicen10

Topics tagged under steel on OneSixthFigures Phicen11

Actually, that was not the Phicen skeleton but the Coo Model one -- just the Phicen body.
My most Dexter Morgan-like head sculpt found its way onto an M30 body to complete the dissection of the unfortunate M31:

Topics tagged under steel on OneSixthFigures Phicen12

Topics tagged under steel on OneSixthFigures Phicen13

Topics tagged under steel on OneSixthFigures Phicen14

I call this one "Denial":

Topics tagged under steel on OneSixthFigures Phicen15

And this one, "Freedom":

Topics tagged under steel on OneSixthFigures Phicen16

#phicen #tbleague #m31 #seamless #body #stainless #steel #skeleton
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Search found 2 matches for steel

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