Review: TF Toys 2B Set - Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:16 pm

The TF Toys 2B set provides a nearly perfect representation of 2B, the protagonist from the game Nier Automata. The costume looks great and fits TBLeague/Phicen bodies well. Her sword has also been recreated faithfully but the blade part has a tendency to fall out of the hilt so you have to reattach it (or fill the hole with Pledge Floor Care to make it a bit sticky so as to hold the blade in place). The paint application on the face could have used extra work but it's decent enough. The only true negative of this set is the inaccurate hairstyle. In the game, 2B has short hair, while in this set, her hair is medium length. You can use hair styling gel to fix it yourself or you could even trim it if you're experienced with cutting hair. Anyway, it's a pretty good but imperfect set.

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