Mini review - Tusken Raider - Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:36 pm

Stryker asked about this figure in another thread so here is a little review of the SideShow Tusken Raider from their Scum & Villainy range.

One of my favourite Star Wars characters this one, the Sand People. I think they look and sound just right for what they are meant to be, a great piece of creative magic. Cool

This is the SideShow Tusken Raider, which seems to have only been produced in fairly low numbers, and so can be quite hard to get hold of now.

This is a really great figure though, and I would say well worth the premium on price you are going to pay because of the scarcity.

The materials used are really nice and drape perfectly to achieve the look from the films. All the pouches have a leather like finish to them and there is some light weathering applied too.

I think the head sculpt is spot on.

The accessories are all nicely finished too, and as well as the Gaderffii stick shown here there is also a long barrelled Tusken cycler rifle for those pod race sniping scenes, and a second Gaderffii with a sort of paddle end to it instead of the curved spike end.

I wanted to go for that classic pose of the Tusken Raider shaking his gaderffii above his head while attacking Luke Skywalker in the original film. I hope I have done it justice.

I love this figure and I am really pleased that I didn't let this one go when I saw it for sale. Cool

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