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TBL S18 body

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1 TBL S18 body on Sat 14 Jul 2018 - 9:59

Hi guys, I'm going to get the Space Girl set and it recommends the S10D body. Now I seem to remember her as not being too 'heavy' chested and someone suggested the S18.

Has anyone got one as I've a question :

What are her arms like? the pictures I've seen seem to show 'flaring' at the elbows where the flesh doesn't seem to bend with the joint correctly possibly due to the thinness of her arms?

I'm tempted to wait for the youth bodies

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2 Re: TBL S18 body on Sat 14 Jul 2018 - 21:21

Hi. on Ed's flickr site,
He has pics of the S18 next to the S16. The S18 appears to have smaller wrist. I don't know about the elbows on the S18. I have a M35 where the knee joint seemed to lock and wouldn't bend. I had to pinch and slowly move the knee joint to bend the knee again.

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