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NECA Toys Terminator 2 Judgment Day John Connor SDCC 2019 Exclusive Figure REVIEW

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There is no fate but what we make for ourselves — Here’s a look at the NECA Toys Terminator 2 Judgment Day John Connor SDCC 2019 Exclusive Figure!


Founding Father
Very cool set, thanks for the review. The likeness is quite good for the scale, and the second head sculpt is a nice addition. Getting any articulation with molded clothing of this type is impressive in itself, and for NECA to have given it, even more so (they have been getting better and better at this over the years). Of course, like you, I love the bike, and agree about its strand. Also impressed with the removable backpack. If you mess with it, maybe heat it up first. Your frequent references made me look up Edward Furlong and he doesn't seem to have done very well for himself. Hopefully his luck will change, but who knows?

I'll be back!


Anything is possible I suppose, GubernatorFan. Thanks for watching! Smile

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