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NEW PRODUCT: Mr. Toys MT2018-02 1/6 Conan head carving costume set

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MR.TOYS MT2018-02 1/6 Conan head carving costume set

List of accessories in the kit:

·  1: Simulation of hair transplanting male head carving

·  2: Headband

·  3: Boots

·  4: Bracers

·  5: Sword + leather scabbard

·  6: Dagger + leather scabbard

·  7: Dragon Belt

·  8: Leather pants

·  9: Fur skirt

·  10: Double serpent pendant

·  1 1: Wheel pendant

Note: does not contain the body

Recommended with TBLeague PL2018-M35 body

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Founding Father
Thanks for posting -- just saw it for preorder. Not quite screen accurate, but it reprises much of the old Kaustic Plastik sets for those who missed out on them. There is also a blond warrior set (set B), which I thought might be based on the Beastmaster, but I don't think it adds up quite right -- Correction: it was He-Man.

I'll be back!
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Founding Father
Head sculpt is pretty good. Might pick one of these up to make a different style Conan then the one I currently have.


He who dies with the most toys wins!

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