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An online community to discuss and share news about sixth-scale figures, with an emphasis on either custom or commercial articulated figures.

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NEW PRODUCT: TBLeague: 1/12 Male Body PH2019-TM01A B 6IN Action Figure F SHFiguart #Suntan

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Hi, my name is Mish. I came across this platform doing a file
Search looking for new 1/12 TBLeague figures to be released. Thought since there seemed to be a decent amount of activity on here in relation to 1/12 figures I would join.
Sorry if this particular thread is not the right place to introduce myself. I’m having a little trouble navigating through here. Maybe someone can post the “introductions” link.
Anyway, I’m an extreme dollhouse and diorama enthusiast. I’ve collected custom BJD and custom picco Neemos for awhile. I was thrilled when the first 1/12 TBLeague Doll was released. I almost wish I could replace all my dolls with the TBLeague line but I’m very invested in each chatacter
I’m waiting on the 1/12 TBLeague Male Doll. I purchased him from Gianttoy on eBay. I am kind of upset I don’t have him already.
As far as shoes for him my girlfriend purchased a pair of 3D sneakers on eBay. The hole
On the sneakers is too big but she is using a soft hardening puffy to adjust to the ballpoint peg of the TBLeague guy.
The pic attached is her guy. She purchased a new head. I think the head sculpt looks a little large but she didn’t like the head it came with. I tried
To attach a pic. Hopefully it will come through.
Both my girlfriend and I create shoes
Clothing for 1:12 dolls. I hope to be more active here
To share our creations and learn from all here about new
Productsmuscular - NEW PRODUCT: TBLeague: 1/12 Male Body PH2019-TM01A B 6IN Action Figure F SHFiguart #Suntan - Page 2 D6359c10


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Welcome aboard, Allies. Nice looking figure and clothes. No worries about the post, but if you’d like to check out the General Section, there is a Global Announcement &Sticky section near the top (after the Forum rules and guidelines), where an introductory section exists.


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muscular - NEW PRODUCT: TBLeague: 1/12 Male Body PH2019-TM01A B 6IN Action Figure F SHFiguart #Suntan - Page 2 Bnp4ba10
Credit to greygoose for the signature card


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Thanks for sharing the cool in-hand and already customized photos. I, too, am waiting for mine.

I'll be back!

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