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Hi all. Sometime ago we received a suggestion to move new product announcements to their separate section, as they can sometime overwhelm the list of topics in General Talk. At the time the forum was smaller and new products were not announced every day. All that has changed since, and the amount of new product announcements is staggering -- which is welcome, yet overwhelming. Accordingly, we decided to move all new product announcements to their special sub-page. We hope this will not be inconvenient, as you can find it very easily either on the forum homepage or listed above the sticky and regular posts in the general talk page; as with other sections of the forum, you will be able to see an indication of new postings there even without going into it. Just in case, here is the New Product Announcements page url:

I take the opportunity to thank Stryker2011 and all others who are posting new product announcements for general benefit.

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Just a heads up.

For those of us using Servimg for image hosting, there has been a change that may or may not affect us. As of June 5, Servimg has launched a paid Pro version, and has restricted some of the abilities of the free version (although it remains available and fully operational). The change seems to be essentially limiting the free version to 3 simultaneous uploads at a time (when you drag and drop files into the upload interface), and limiting the size of each individual image to 10 MB. I say it may or may not affect us, because just yesterday I uploaded 5 images simultaneously without a problem.

I am not certain if this has any bearing on the issues one member has reported in viewing images hosted by another member on Servimg. We continue to investigate.

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Search found 2 matches for announcement

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