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NEW PRODUCT: Soosootoys New: 1/6 Paranormal Detective/Ghost Detective Movable (#SST-007)

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Ghost detective

Head carvings and body accessories:
★ Natural expression x1 (exact facial features detailed wrinkles, skin texture) ★ Muscle body x1 (about 32 cm in height. Joints are flexible)
★ Hand type x2 pair ★ fist x1 pair ★ relax palm x1 pair of clothing accessories:
★ Khaki jacket x1 ★ Shirt x1 ★ Black trousers x1 ★ Red tie x1 ★ West boots x1 pair

Other Accessories:
★ Special effects fire x2 ★ Super large platform bracket x1

December 10, 2018, the cut-off date is expected to be released: the fourth quarter of 2018

- The final product may be slightly different -

Soosootoys 1/6 scale collectible SST-007  Aranormal Detective

Email us for more information
The Collectible Figurine special features:
-Two detailed Head sculpts,each piece of head sculpt is specially painted
-One(1)neutral head scuplt
-Body with over 30points of articulations
-Approximately 30CM tall
-Two(4)pieces of interchangeable palms including:
-One(1)pair of fists
-One(1)pair of relax hands
-One(1)brown wind jacket
-One(1)red tie
-One(1)white shirt
-One(1)white vest
-One(1)pair of black pants with black belt
-One(1)pair of black socks
-One(1)pair of black shoes
-One(1)figure stand
-Two(2)orange colored fire effect parts (can be placed on figure's hands)
Release Date: 4th Quarter 2018

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This couldn’t be more spot on. Loved this tv show and because of that, I wouldn’t be where I am doing my interview podcast Smile already have this pre ordered for $130 including postage! Really good price. Can’t wait to show my mate, the man himself Matt! Haha

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Founding Father
Pretty nice set!

I'll be back!
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I don't recognise the character but I like the figure.

More of my work can be found at One Sixth Arsenal
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shazzdan wrote:I don't recognise the character but I like the figure.

Matt Ryan as Constantine - had it's own show, then cancelled, then animated series and regular cast on DC Legends of Tomorrow Smile

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Finally! LOVE Matt Ryan as Constantine so much! I kept wishing and hoping for a figure of him. So happy to be able to add him to my collection soon. cheers cheers cheers

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I really like the set overall. Still debating the way the moulded hair transitions to the face. I get what they were trying to do with a tousled look.

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