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NEW PRODUCT: 3R: 1/6 Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) Version A Code: GM640

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Founding Father
GM640 part list:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Open palms
4 Relax palms

4 German military visor cap in dark grey
5 Single - breasted uniform in dark grey
6 Double - breasted uniform in dark grey
7 Overcoat with weathering
8 Dark grey Breeches
9 White shirt
10 Black pants
11 Black tie with Iron Eagle tie tack
12 Shoulder strap
13 Belt
14 Grey gloves
15 Boots
16 Shoes

17 Golden Party Badge
18 Wound Badge in Black
19 Iron Cross 1st Class
20 SA armband
21 Sleeve Eagle

22 German Eagle with pedestal

- Super realistic headsculpt
- German eagle with pedestal
- Single-breasted uniform
- Double-breasted uniform
- Overcoat with weathering

(Podium with microphone and dog are not included.)

#newproduct #3R #AdolfHitler #male #WWII #Historical #male

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Founding Father
Great boots! But that mustache seems to be an alien being that has come down from outer space and attached itself to the Austrian artist, enslaved his mind and body, and twisted him into an evil dictator. Mystery solved! More seriously, I think the mustache (and possibly the upper lip) is simply too tall.

I'll be back!
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