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These are sold individually, or as a 6 pack.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – 1/6 Core Rangers + Green Ranger Six-Pack

Product Details:

Officially licensed by Hasbro
Approximately 12″ (30cm) tall
Fully-articulated collectible figure
~34 Points of Articulation
Hand-tailored fabric clothing

One Mighty Morphin helmet
One fabric outfit
One utility belt
One Blade Blaster holster
One pair of boots
Four Pairs of Interchangeable Hands: One pair of Fists, one pair Relaxed, one pair for holding Melee Weapons, and one pair for holding Firearms.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — 1/6 Black Ranger

One Blade Blaster (can convert into blade or sidearm form)
One Power Axe
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — 1/6 Blue Ranger

One Blade Blaster (can convert into blade or sidearm form)
One Power Lance (can split into a pair of trident-shaped blades)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — 1/6 Green Ranger

One Dragon Shield
One Dragon Dagger
One Sword of Darkness
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — 1/6 Pink Ranger

One Blade Blaster (can convert into blade or sidearm form)
One Power Bow
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — 1/6 Red Ranger

One Blade Blaster (can convert into blade or sidearm form)
One Power Sword
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — 1/6 Yellow Ranger

One Blade Blaster (can convert into blade or sidearm form)
Two Power Daggers

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The character of both good and evil, the white ghost, comes and goes without a shadow, and is good at longbow, samurai, and nunchaku. He is also a famous ninja next to Commander Cobra.

"Special Forces" 1/6 white ghost collection-level movable doll is about 12 inches (30 cm) tall, with a special high-movement body with a seamless elbow arm and tailor-made clothing. , And equipped with a full set of equipment, including 1 nunchaku, 1 recurve bow, 1 quiver, 4 bows and arrows, 2 samurai swords, 3 military bags and 5 pairs of interchangeable hands.

Officially authorized by Hasbro;
Approximately 12 inches (30 cm) tall;
22 movable joints;
Detailed white ghost facial modeling seamless elbow arm with high degree of simulation

White Vest Hoodie Wrist Trousers Belt Belt Neck Sleeve Boots

1 nunchaku
1 recurve bow
2 quiver
2 samurai swords and sheath
3 military bags
4 bows and arrows
5 pairs of interchangeable hands, a pair of fists, a pair of relaxed, a pair of nunchakus, a pair of samurai, a pair of bows and arrows

Materials used: ABS, PC, PVC and fabric
*The picture is for reference only, and the product is subject to the final product.

※ This product contains small parts that may be suffocating, and is only suitable for people over 15 years old.

GI JOE and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission.

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Hasbro and Threezero are pleased to announce that we have teamed up for a series of 1/6 scale collectible figures redesigned by Threezero as inspired by Hasbro’s retro G.I. Joe characters. The first of these releases will be 1/6 Snake Eyes!

Pre-orders begin on October 25, 2020 at 9am HKT and will be available at threezero store (, threezero Tmall, and threezero distribution partners worldwide!

Standing at 12” (30 cm) tall, the 1/6 Snake Eyes collectible figure features our standard fully-articulated body with fabric hand-tailored costuming with a high attention to detail. Snake Eyes includes a full loadout of Accessories including Pistol, Uzi, Tactical Knife, two Katanas, three Smoke Grenades, three Stun Grenades, and a total of four pairs of interchangeable hands.

Pre-order price: 149 USD / 1159 HKD / 998 RMB / 15794JPY

GI JOE and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission.
©2020 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

* The estimated shipping date: 2nd Quarter 2021.
* Shipping rates depend on the product weight/size and shipping locations.
* All unpaid orders would be cancelled after the sale.
* Orders are not transferable to third parties.
* Final product may vary from prototype images


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Product Description

From Hasbro’s Star Wars Collection: The Child Animatronic Edition with sounds and motorized sequences!

He may look like “Baby Yoda,” but this lovable creature is called The Child and now you can become his protector with this animatronic toy from Star Wars. Touching the top of The Child Animatronic Edition’s head activates over 25 sound and motion combinations, including happy and excited sounds, giggles, babbles, and more, all while the figure’s head moves up and down, ears move back and forth, and eyes open and close.

Product Features
Made of plastic
Ages 4 and up
From The Mandalorian series
Over 25 Sound and Motion Combinations
Touch the top of The Child Animatronic Edition’s head to activate sound effects
Features motorized movements, including a head that moves up and down, ears that move back and forth, eyes that open and close, and more
Pretending to channel the Force takes a whole lot of energy and requires a lot of rest. Lay The Child toy down and it will close its eyes and take a “Force nap”
2 AAA Batteries requited (Batteries are included)
Box Contents
The Child figure
Mandalorian pendant

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Rogue One stands out from the other new Star Wars movies in providing a new look at the original, unsullied Star Wars universe that we first encountered and enjoyed all those decades ago. In that, it is arguably the best Star Wars film since The Return of the Jedi, if not since The Empire Strikes Back. And I know I'm not alone in that opinion. However, we should not overstate how good it was. It suffers from the facility and simplicity of the Star Wars universe, and further reflection has reminded me how many plot holes and inconsistencies occur in it (which is not to say that the Original Trilogy was entirely devoid of those). Nor am I necessarily in love with the new trooper types (even the Shore Troopers and Death Troopers) and ships to which we were treated, but it would not be a Star Wars movie without such expansion. Whatever the merits of Rogue One, this installment in the franchise has contributed to the appearance of plenty of Star Wars collectibles in various scales by various companies. The "classic" scale (1:18) put out by Hasbro has featured various characters from the movie, both before and after the return to "super" articulation for the action figures (mostly in the Vintage Collection, restarted in 2018). Hasbro has now released the Imperial Combat Assault Tank from Rogue One, which can supplement (or be supplemented by) their Assault Tank commander and driver figures, as well as the stormtroopers based on the film.

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The Combat Assault Tank comes in a basic cardboard box, amply illustrated with colorful images of the product showing off some of the features and how it "goes" with action figures in this scale. There is some assembly required (but not very much) and everything is neatly stored in the box (you do need to cut a few plastic restraints). One of the odd things about the box is that the illustrations feature older stormtrooper figures by Hasbro, which are visually different and inferior to the ones just released and are not in fact based on Rogue One; even if the new "super" articulated stormtroopers were not available for the photos, they could have used the excellently-sculpted underarticulated ones they already had instead. But anyway...

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The tank is gorgeously sculpted in minute detail that is quite impressive for this scale. I have not had the chance to research this in any great detail, but everything seems done very accurately. The parts of the interior that are visible are given a possibly imaginary treatment, which greatly enhances the level of detail and the sense of realism.

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For a mass-produced toy, the Assault Tank is very well painted and weathered, looking like a fairly realistic piece of hard-wearing military equipment. There are various applications of color to suggest dirt, grime, and wear. Even the normally hidden elements are treated to some paint to suggest metallic machinery and grit. This detailing is extended to the three large containers accommodated on the back of the tank. A close look would reveal some imperfection or repetition, but on the whole the paint application is very good.

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The Assault Tank features several points of articulation and/or openable or removable sections. In terms of real articulation, the side guns can rotate around their axis, while the front gun can be aimed sideways (left to right); the hatch covers over the left-seated driver and the commander can be opened or closed; the continuous tracks can rotate around the wheels (although the wheels themselves do not appear to rotate); the left-seated driver's steering "wheel" can be moved a little, but it does not control or trigger any other function. Removable sections include that over the two drivers, and a portion of the tank's roof just to the right of the commander's perch. The three large containers stored in the back are removable, opening space for loading troops or other items, which can also be closed (forming a flat bed) with two doors that are otherwise stored on the inside sides of the cargo area.

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I suppose the three large orange containers that come with the tank and fit into the grooves of the cargo area on its back can be considered accessories. They are painted in an orange color and given some detailing and weathering. All three have removable sides. One of the three also can be opened up along its top half, exposing a three sections of the interior, each containing three round holes into which are fitted cylindrical canisters. The canisters in the top section can be removed, and in fact can be opened up to expose the crystal bits contained within. This is pretty elaborate detail for a toy in this scale.

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Fun Factor
The Assault Tank is a fairly sturdy, yet elaborately detailed collectible with plenty of articulated or removable pieces and a lot of interactive potential -- from placing in the drivers and commander to transporting or escorting stormtroopers and loading or unloading containers or what not. It works well as both a toy and a collectible. It appears to be at once decently scaled and conveniently compact.

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Overall and Value
Hasbro seems to be on a roll with their new vehicles. There are plenty I would not touch, either because I cannot justify getting a new version or because they are derived from franchise installments that I consider uncanonical (or outright anathema). But if we can judge by Jabba's Sail Barge (which I don't own), the Jabba palace playset (with parts of the Han in Carbonite chamber), and the Skiff, Hasbro's new (or reissued) vehicles are characterized by improved design, increased realism, and intricate detail (whether replicating the real thing or supplying imaginary details in areas that were never shown on film). The Assault Tank clearly belongs in this category with its detailed sculpt and paint work, and its plethora of interactive features and aspects. The price varies widely depending on venues and sales, ranging from about $24 to $80. The answer to "is it worth it" is bound to depend on the individual and on the price. If you want one of these in this scale, however, chances are that you will not be disappointed with this one.

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Where to Buy?
Look around in all the usual places (eBay, etc), or the following (for example) :

Amazon $24.40

Action Figure $70

Big Bad Toy Store $35 (pre-order)

Hope you found this useful. What do you think?

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It has been all Star Wars over the last week here, what with the Jabba Tatooine Skiff review (HERE) and the updated sixth-scale Sandtrooper (HERE).

To my delight, Hasbro has revisited "super" articulation in their "classic scale" (3.75") figures from their new
"Vintage Collection" (which was rebooted in 2018, after a hiatus since 2013). Among a large array of other figures, this year (2019) has seen the release of three imperial characters from Rogue One: Imperial Stormtrooper, a Death Star Gunner, and Imperial Assault Tank Commander.

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Packaging: 4/4 stars
Each figure comes packaged in a transparent plastic bubble on a classic-style card, complete with nice color photos of each character from the film and a blatantly nostalgia-exploiting "Kenner" label on it. For all of its obviousness, I do like and appreciate the packaging.

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Sculpting: 4/4 stars Stormtrooper and Tank Commander; 3.5/4 stars Gunner
The sculpting appears to be excellent on all three characters, taking advantage of the apparent new techniques and possibilities developed over the period when the Vintage Collection was on hiatus. The Tank Commander and Stormtrooper are particularly well done; the proportions of the Gunner might be just a little bit off, with the helmet probably just a bit undersized, while its antenna looks far too thick, but would probably have been impossible to supply otherwise. Nevertheless, this figure features the same excellent complexity of detail as the other two, with the natural folds of the jumpsuit, the ribbed segments of the top, and the (possibly too subtle) patterning on the armor.

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Paint: 3.5/4 stars Stormtrooper and Gunner; 2.5 stars Tank Commander
Overall, the paint work is really impressive, given the small size of the figures (just 3.75"). The Stormtrooper is actually surprisingly well-painted, though I realize I might have gotten lucky, and someone else might get a misaligned paint application; here the imperfections on mine are limited to a few specs of white (or exposed underlying paint at the joints?) on the black body suit below the armor. On the Gunner one can find just a little bit of silverish paint bleed on the belt, but again, given the size of the thing, this is still a very good quality application; the imperial "cog" crest on the helmet's forehead is applied flawlessly. When it comes to paint, the Tank Commander is the most complex and arguably most poorly executed figure of the three. Both the movie character and the figure are given a lot of weathering and dirt, perhaps inexplicably much. But it just does not translate as well on a figure this small, as opposed to what you might get in 1:1 or even 1:6 scale; this is most obvious on the helmet, where the weathering ought to have highlighted (or actually tarnished) the recessed lines, but does nothing of the sort, thereby reducing the likeness to the film appearance. On the other hand, the parts that should have received a precise and clean paint application on the Tank Commander are executed very well indeed.

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Articulation: 4/4 stars
Each of the three figures features an excellent 16+ points of articulation (ball-jointed neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper body, hips, knees, ankles, and swivel thighs. The joints are relatively well hidden and work very well, allowing for pretty much any pose one might want to recreate. The figures appear well-balanced and relatively easy to stand and pose. This is what action figures should be like when it comes to functionality, in any scale.

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Accessories: 3/4 stars
Considering what we see the characters use on screen, the limited accessories we get (one blaster each) are adequate or more than adequate (we don't see the Gunners or Tank Commanders handle blasters -- I think). For what it is worth, each of the blasters features some nice painted detail (clean in the case of the Stormtrooper and Gunner, and very weathered in the case of the Tank Commander). That said, they are rather limited, although I suppose it would have been too much to ask to get a control panel background or cannon station with the Gunner, or an Assault Tank with the Tank Commander (though the tank is available separately!). I do not recall if regular Stomtroopers are seen with long blaster rivals or other alternative weaponry in Rogue One. Some of Hasbro's older figures (including Gunners/Englineers and Stormtroopers/Spacetroopers) had featured removable helmets, and their recent Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise figure showed they could now make even the removable Stormtrooper helmet look as nicely sculpted, proportioned, and painted as the non-removable version we get here. (By removable helmet, here I mean one that fits over a separate sculpted head.) This might have been a relatively easy and sensible additional detail to which we are not treated. Hence the good but less than optimal rating in this category.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Hcsi1010

Outfit: 4/4 stars
Since everything is sculpted, this is about general appearance. As I noted above about the Gunner, the clothing elements are nicely sculpted and include plenty of detail, like ribbing on the Gunner's top and the tiny segmented (ribbed) surface of the Stormtrooper's black body suit. It should be noted, again, that these figures are based on the unit types' appearance in Rogue One. Thus, the Stormtrooper sports a rectangular side button on his abdominal armor, and has a little indent running along the top of the protruding section on his upper back. The Gunner's top does not feature the imperial "cog" emblem on the sides of his upper arms at the shoulders, which were there on both the ribbed top and on the underlying jumpsuit in the Original Trilogy. While I don't think these changes from the Original Trilogy look were advisable, those were questionable choices on the part of the filmmakers, not Hasbro, and the figures are accurate to their stated source, Rogue One.

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Fun Factor: 4/4 stars
With their good proportions, faithful detail, and excellent articulation, the new imperial figures from Hasbro lend themselves to plenty of fun display options; and we should not forget that although they are bound to appeal to collectors, these are actually toys for children. With Hasbro seeming to produce more sets and vehicles (in this instance, most pertinently, the Assault Tank), there should be additional possibilities for playing with or displaying the figures.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Hcsi0510

Value: 3/4 stars
While the figures are awesome for adult collectors, they are also supposed to be mass-produced toys for children. That is where the cost of about $15 (USD) per figure is not exactly cheap, although the product quality in appearance and articulation has improved over preceding versions (if any) in every way, and product costs in action figures have been rising across the board. It is a rather tolerable price compared to the larger-scale figures we might look to (e.g., those in 1:12 scale).

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Hcsi0610

Overall: 3.6/4 stars
For action figures in the 3.75" line, these little guys are almost perfect and I think better than any previous iterations. I had previously showcased a simple kitbash to produce a perfect or near perfect Stormtrooper in this scale (using the Rogue One under-articulated figure's fine helmet and the older Vintage Collection's Spacetrooper body, HERE), but you no longer need to do that to get an even more perfect Stormtrooper: you can simply pick up the new Vintage Collection Rogue One version. Similarly, despite the unfortunate design changes (as to imperial emblem at the shoulders) in Rogue One, this is the best articulated Gunner we have gotten.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Hcsi0310

Things to watch out for
Since these are technically intended for children, they are relatively safe and cause little concern. The blasters are small enough to lose or misplace easily, so keep an eye out for that. I imagine that, if carelessly stored, the antenna on the Gunner's helmet might end up bending in an unfortunate manner.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Hcsi0910

Where to Buy
Some of these are already widely available in the States, while others (the Stormtrooper) appear to be at the pre-order stage at most places. You can look on eBay or Amazon or here (for example) :

Big Bad Toy Store for $15-16

Entertainment Earth for $14 (Stormtrooper)

Atomic Universe for $14.25 (Stormtrooper)

Hope this was helpful. What do you think?

#starwars #classic #vintagecollection #hasbro #galacticempire #stormtrooper #deathstar #gunner #assaulttank #commander
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The Jabba subplot is one of my favorite parts of Return of the Jedi, despite various weak elements and horrid changes/additions brought in by the Special Edition. Fortunately (or unfortunately), a large assortment of Jabba-related characters is only available in the "classic" scale produced by Kenner and then Hasbro (3.75-inch figures), and that allows for the production of vehicles and partial sets to go with said figures. In the past year, we have seen the release of a Jabba's Palace Adventure set (with Han Solo in Carbonite and Ree-Yees), the Khetanna (Jabba's sail barge -- exclusively by pre-order from HasLab -- with Jabba and Yak Face), and now the Tatooine Skiff (without any included action figures). This last was one of two apparently identical skiffs that accompanied Jabba's sail barge, and is intended to be the one carrying our protagonists to their intended place of execution. I think we all know how that panned out.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0510

The skiff (apparently given the model designation "Bantha-II" by some over-enthusiastic Lucasfilm associate) is an improved and expanded set compared to the earlier Kenner (or was it already Hasbro) skiff from years ago, which was both toyish and undersized. The new skiff appears to be nearly to scale (at any rate, much more so than the old one), features a more ambitious and aesthetically pleasing stand, has more sensible display options and alternatives, and far more detail. It is approximately 40 cm (15.8 in) long, 11 cm (4.3 in) wide, and 10 cm (3.9 in) tall in itself, or 18 cm (7.1 in) tall when mounted on the stand. It arrives in a rectangular box amply illustrated with photos of the product and a selection of appropriate Hasbro action figures (sold separately). Some basic assembly is required, namely attaching the four railings (the fifth one is an alternative), some of the flooring panels, the two-part pair of steering vanes, and control pedestal, as well as affixing the two transparent plastic supports to the sand dune base. There is a basic little assembly guide to help you out if something doesn't make sense immediately. A sharp X-acto knife would be helpful to slice through all the annoying rubbery elastic ties.

For a basic schematic of the skiff, you can compare HERE.

The skiff is perfectly sculpted (from what I remember and have seen in stills and photos), and very nicely weathered for a fairly mass-produced toy. Below is a look at the (I think unseen) stern (rear) of the skiff. Note the nicely detailed and painted shiny metal elements contrasting with the rusty greenish armored plating. You can also see some of the finely detailed controls, which include articulated handles on both sides (they revolve around their axis).

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts1110

I suspect that at least in some respects Hasbro had to improvise and imagine things that were not necessarily fully developed for the on-screen model. This was almost certainly the case with the details below the deck and under the storage area cover, seen below.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0710

Similarly, the details within the bow (front) of the skiff, and below the deck on that end.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0810

The starboard (right-side) railing can be exchanged with a damaged version of itself, from which hangs a torn cable, from which you could dangle Lando or any figure of your choice.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0610

For more interactive functionality, you could store various weapons (especially vibro axes) in specially provided compartments within the stern and the bow of the skiff, or inside the storage compartment running along the center of the deck. None of the ones illustrated below came included with the set.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0910

In terms of articulation, the whole skiff can be made to lean left or right because it is attached to the stand by rotating elements that can turn accordingly. The two-part vanes are also fully articulated. You can rotate them completely around their axis and also at an angle to it, and the fans of the vanes can be moved at an angle to their heads (if that is the term). The skiff can fit all the appropriate figures (in this instance with two substitutes) easily enough, but since it does not have pegs for the feet, you would have a hard time keeping them aboard if you tilt the skiff.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0110

Hasbro has produced action figures for all but one (the bandit-scarved human) of the characters that belong on the "hero" or "prisoner" skiff, and I am yet to get the pilot, a Nikto called Vedain. I figured that another Nikto, a skiff guard from the other skiff, would make do as a substitute.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0210

If specieist fans and executives could be ignored (apparently the dogma is that human characters are inherently worthless compared to "cool" or "lame" aliens alike), it would have made sense to add the missing figure to the skiff set -- if Hasbro felt that it would not sell well on its own.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0310

And don't worry, the gangplank is extendable, ready to serve for cargo loading and impromptu executions alike. Or at least they could try. Note that this (starboard = right) side of the skiff has all the sculpted damage, while both sides have weathering -- this is apparently because it is this side of the skiff that gets fired upon from the sail barge in the film. Speaking of which, perhaps to simplify filming this, in some of the earlier shots in the film the image was mirrored (look at Chewbacca's bandolier and Han's shirt lapel) and I reproduced this trick in my photos (compare the one above to the one below).

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Jts0410

I could not justify spending the money on the Khetanna HasLab set, but this one was a no-brainer to get. I am very pleased with it, with its capacity, and with its details. It is convincing, realistic, interactive, and useful all at once. If Hasbro had come closer to filling out the ranks of the skiff guards on the other skiff (it has made two or three of them, depending how you count), I would have gotten a second set.

Hope this has been useful. What do you think?

Where to buy? Try Walmart, Amazon, or eBay (though that last option might be overpriced). The skiff sells for about $40 USD, at least on Amazon, from where I got mine.

Big Bad Toy Store has it for $42

Entertainment Earth has it for $40

#starwars #hasbro #rotj #returnofthejedi #jabba #tatooine #skiff #set
Hi all,

Here is another review of a Hasbro Black Series 6" figure.  I have to say that currently I find these smaller figures much more exciting than 1/6 stuff.  I know this is primarily a 1/6 forum but I am more likely to be contributing in this section in future I guess.  My love for 1/6 has just gone i'm afraid mostly killed by the excessive prices which are now asked in the UK for mainly franchised figures, but also the military stuff too really.

Anyway I digress and on to the review.

This time it is General Grievous.  I will admit to having a bit of a soft spot for the character.  Its not the best character ever devised, but hey this is Star Wars and I kind of like the look of this one.

This is the first in the 'Deluxe' range of Black Series figures, and as such is numbered D1 on the packaging.  Apart from the D numbering the package is standard Black Series stuff, so I won't spend more time there.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures PQeesCZ

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures XPfuQgG

This is a tall figure measuring approximately 18cm (7") tall at full height.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures 9xu5oHi

It comes with  nice lined cloth cape which seems to drape well enough, and has 4 pockets on the inside for the included light sabre hilts.  There are four different light sabres which are all different in design and have the standard Black series removable blades 2 each of blue and green.  There is also a droid blaster which is a nice touch.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures HszSHVU

This is an impressive figure in person.  Its tall, with those great looking claw like feet, and has arms which can be split providing either four or two arms to suit how you want to pose the figure.  Arms are nicely done and do actually clip into one another to form the two arm mode so they do really look like single arms in this mode.  The Shoulders have a great range of movement, but due to the design the elbows are a little limited and there is no wrist movement at all.  This could have been improved but then the figure would probably be likely to cost over £30 rather than the very reasonable £25-£27 it costs here in the UK.  Its important to remember too that these are toys, and not necessarily high end posable collectables, and therefore need some strength and durability to the joints.  In any case it is still relatively easy to obtain those classic looking 4 arm Grievous poses with the limited mobility.  
Each of the hands has 2 fingers and a thumb enabling each hand to hold an item, however when joined together the hands are too big to hold the included blaster.
The rest of the articulation is very good, with good movement all round and the ability to add some subtle character to a pose by cocking the head slightly etc...  I would say that the articulation is good overall given the nature of the character.

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Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures ZvS5WUi

The figure is fairly easy to pose and can achieve all those classic Grievous looks.  It balances well in most poses, and the feet whilst having multiple small points of contact are actually able to provide a very stable base in most poses.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures NwejIzt

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures D52jvCq

The look of the figure is great, with very nicely detailed sculpting and for the most part great paint.  There are some of those slightly over the top silver patches, but for the most part the weathering on this figure is great.  Very subtle and not over done.  The eyes are very well done indeed on this one, looking very reminiscent of what we see on screen.
This side of a figure is more important for me these days, as I am much more a collector now than a modeller or tinkerer.  I have been there and done that in the past but it is much less a part of the pleasure I get from figures today.  My figures for the most part don't get altered and so how they look out of the box is important to me, and this one in my opinion delivers.

I love the look of this figure and can whole heartedly recommend it if it takes your fancy.

Here he is in place on the shelf.

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Update/continuation in Post 18.

With the release of Zuckuss, appropriately as the runt of the litter, Hasbro's 6-inch Black Series Bounty Hunters set is now complete. All six figures have advanced articulation, good proportions, and very good detail.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs10

The most recent release, Zuckuss, is appropriately given the shortest stature among these figures (13 cm = just over 5 inches), and, also appropriately, has the most extensive use of soft goods for his coat. The fabric is of a slightly shiny kind that perhaps helps evoke leather, although if you look closely enough you will notice the texture. At any rate, it looks reasonably accurate and does not hinder the articulation, not that this is the most animated of characters (and I can't say I'm crazy about the seams). The other leather and metal elements are sculpted in soft plastic and painted appropriately. The eyes are painted silverish (with a darker wash) like the metal, but although this is not quite as cool as Sideshow's sixth-scale translucent eyes, it works very well visually. There is some color detail but no weathering on the gun. I can't tell whether there is an ab crunch, but otherwise the articulation is all good, except for the neck, which does not allow the head to look up or down enough for my taste.

Sidenotes: I was looking up something else and came across the following information which I couldn't resist sharing... Zuckuss was originally named Tuckuss (as in tuches, buttocks)!; and his eyes were bubble wrap (and lest we forget it, that was originally intended as wallpaper)!

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs11

4-LOM was one of the first of these figures to appear, and is excellent in pretty much every way, comparing very well with the Sideshow sixth-scale version despite the disparity in size. He stands about 14.5 cm = 5.75 inches. The lean android body is sculpted and painted perfectly, and given a bit of rusty weathering (except for the somewhat too pristine ab section with the exposed wiring). Although the eyes don't have the very cool translucent crushed glass effect we got with the larger Sideshow versions, the metallic paint and wash applied on them produces as excellent look. The elbow and neck joints work remarkably well and the articulation is just as it should be -- even including the annoyingly restricted degree of movement at the hips which seems to be part of the design (shared by C-3PO); like other robots, the knee is single-jointed but works well. There is an ab crunch, but little lateral movement in that area. The weapon is painted in a metallic color that helps approximate a realistic, almost weathered look.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs12

Bossk stands tall and proud, at 16 cm = almost 6.5 inches. As with the first Sideshow sixth-scale release of this character, the head sculpt is arguably more refined and "attractive" than the actual mask seen in the film (Sideshow later produced a second, more movie-accurate version). The figure features a movable jaw, which is very cool in concept, though not quite excellent in the way it actually works. The complex wiring and tubing on the space suit is well executed, as is the paint job, although in both cases finer detail might have been an improvement. The articulation is good, but not perfect: there is no ab crunch (though there is lateral movement in the area) and the creature design makes it difficult to bend the elbows beyond 45 degrees. The weapon has a simple paint application that does not contribute to its realism, but its soft plastic strap can be adjusted and works reasonably well.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs13

Boba Fett, everyone's favorite overhyped badass, stands about 15.5 cm = just over 6 inches, not counting the raised rangefinder or the tip of the rocket pack. The figure has a pretty realistic paint job, including a number of scratches and dents reproduced in reasonable, though not infinitely fine detail. The articulation is excellent in theory, but in practice restricted by the hard plastic belt and pouches, which get in the way of ideal ab and upper thigh movement. The rangefinder is not articulated. The figure comes with a pistol and a gun; the former has a two-color paint job and fits snugly in the holster, while the latter is painted in three different colors and features some weathering towards the front portion. The rocket pack can be removed from the figure's back. The soft goods "cape" hanging from the left shoulder is a disappointment: although I don't mind soft goods at all, in this instance it is just far too stiff and plain to look right, and the choice of fabric and its treatment were not very successful.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs14

IG-88 is appropriately the tallest figure, standing at 17 cm = over 6.5 inches. The figure is given an appropriate metallic grey paint, with some areas perhaps overly picked out in an oily yellowish wash. I noticed some extra paint bleed from the small silverish boxes and other elements onto the dark leather bandolier across the chest. The level of sculpting detail is reasonably fine on both the figure and the bandolier (including two mines or granades attached on the back side). Except for the limitations already inherent in the robotic design, the articulation is very good. The height of the figure makes it a little hard to balance. Faithful to the appearance of the character in the film, the elbows are covered by a soft-plastic harmonica-like component, which does not impede the articulation of this area much. IG-88 comes with three weapons: a long rifle, a "standard" imperial blaster rifle, and an axe. The long rifle and the axe can be attached to the back of the bandolier.

Sidenotes: apparently on the movie set IG-88 was bolted down to the floor to make sure he doesn't topple over.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs18

Dengar stands just over 15 cm = 6 inches. He is the only Bounty Hunter with a visible human face, which is reproduced in decent detail, with wrinkles and scars. The paint job is quite good (given that it is not a very exciting color scheme), although the silverish weathering detail could have been more fine. The articulation is perfect, for once uninhibited by the costume and armor. However, the heavy removable backpack makes it difficult to stand the figure easily. Like his confrere Boba Fett, Dengar sports two weapons: a small pistol that fits in the holster and a long blaster rifle. This last piece is the same as 4-LOM's but given a duller paint job. It happens to be movie-inaccurate, but the choice was inspired presumably by set photos of the Dengar actor in character fooling around with 4-LOM's rifle.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs15

As mentioned above, Boba Fett's rocket pack and Dengar's backpack are removable, which should give you more possibilities if you want to depart from the canon look. In both cases (but especially Dengar's), removing these accessories makes it easier to have the figures stand on their own.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs16

Overall, I am quite happy with Hasbro's 6 inch Bounty Hunters and am glad I picked all of them up over the last several months. Now the gang's all here.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swbhbs17

I hope this has been useful and/or informative. What do you think?

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Fun with Figuarts Spider-Man - Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:48 am

I haven't always been a Marvel fan since I never got to read their comics when I was a kid. I missed out on some cool Figuarts Marvel toys so lately, I decided to complete my Avengers people, especially since after watching the movies, I ended up not just liking them, but loving them Smile Fortunately, I was able to find a nicely priced Spider-Man that's not too much above his retail price. Just some quick pics for now Very Happy

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures I9HbrHX

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures JCF5h9Z

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures TMb7kPz

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures FADJvw0

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures OnPf1Ew

Hmm, I guess they translated Spider-Man's butt perfectly in toy form, even Hasbro Captain Marvel is jealous lol Smile

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Note: For the ready-made fully-articulated new Hasbro Rogue One figure, see HERE.

Stormtroopers were among the original set of Star Wars action figures, but have encountered a long string of imperfections in any common collectible scale. Of those based on the films set in the time of the Original Trilogy, the Rogue One 1/6-scale version by Hot Toys probably came closest to capturing the precise appearance of what we saw onscreen, but that version of the imperial stormtroopers was itself slightly modified from the basic original design (you can check out my detailed review HERE). I am not talking about these here and today.

I am talking about the "classic" or "vintage" scale of figures (generally about 3.75 inches tall) established by Kenner and continued by Hasbro. First, a brief journey through a few of the more important stages of Stormtrooper action figure evolution at that scale. Kenner's original Stormtrooper (1978) was nicely sculpted for its time, but unfortunately under-articulated even then: the usual five-point articulation (swivel shoulders and hips and head) was brought down to four points, because the helmet was sculpted as part of the torso. A sparse and often sloppy paint application made the figure's appearance even more unfortunate.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Vintage-Stormtrooper_Big_2
(More photos and brief review HERE.)

Kenner's figures became more and more sophisticated in sculpting and paint, but the Stormtrooper was not revisited and continued to be produced on the basis of the same molds. Until, that is, the Power of the Force collection included with a hideous, misshapen, and standing-challenged figure (1995). The less said about this, the better. The one improvement was that the head could now swivel around on top of the neck, and the waist could swivel around its axis.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures The-Power-Of-The-Force-2-Stormtrooper_Big_2
(More photos and brief review HERE.)

After that travesty, things looked up when Hasbro acquired the license. In 1999 it produced its first Stormtrooper (with battle damage), complete with a gun rack and 10 points of articulation (admittedly, of the rather basic, swivel kind, except for the ball-jointed neck and shoulders).

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures The-Power-Of-The-Force-2-Stormtrooper-Commtech_Big_2
(More photos and brief review HERE.)

Hasbro's improved model took off, and was reiterated and occasionally slightly modified over the following years. By 2011 (Vintage Collection # 41), the little Stormtrooper featured not only a removable helmet and an underlying battle-scarred human face, but also 14 points of articulation and ball-jointed neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. I had started collecting action figures again.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures The-Vintage-Collection-Stormtrooper_Big_2
(More photos and brief review HERE.)

What more could you ask of a 3.75 inch action figure? These figures were not perfect, but for the most part the issues were the preciseness (or lack thereof) of paint application and the often soft or distorted sculpt of the helmets (and not just those that were designed to be removable and made of softer plastic). Then Hasbro went backwards instead of forwards, abandoned the excellent articulation it had achieved, and reverted to... five points of articulation (except for the 6-inch Black Series Collection). And that was enough to get me stop collecting Star Wars action figures in the Classic scale.

But while the articulation went back to Neolithic, Hasbro's sculpting improved dramatically and so did the resolution of its paint application (I say resolution, because it is not always applied with absolute precision or correctness). The sad under-articulated Stormtroopers produced for Rogue One appeared perfect until you tried to pose them. This made me think: is it possible to combine the excellent head (i.e., helmet) sculpt of these new figures with the nicely articulated Stormtrooper bodies of Hasbro's more felicitous products? In almost all cases, that proved impossible -- not without serious alterations (whittling off parts of the neck pegs) and compromises (like having exceedingly wobbly heads or sacrificing neck articulation completely). But there was one combination that worked perfectly, and that is the point I have been getting at.

You would need a Hasbro Rogue One 3.75-inch Stormtrooper (either the ones carded by themselves HERE or, better yet, the ones in the two-pack with Baze Malbus HERE -- these have a better/more complete paint application) and a Hasbro 3.75-inch Spacetrooper (Legacy Collection # 32, HERE and HERE).

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swstc010

The Spacetrooper is nothing more than a Zero-Gravity-kitted-out Stormtrooper, let loose on the surface of your friendly neighborhood space station. He has been given a removable rebreather tank system with a hose and an additional blaster rifle.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swstc011

The face, which has been described in somewhat unflattering terms, is actually a decent attempt (given the scale and the time when it was made) at capturing set photos of none other than the versatile Star Wars designer and occasional extra Joe Johnston preparing to be filmed as a Spacetrooper.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Ae6b47e9ab44dfde3510b19dd15d0d26

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Gallery_12157_38_24406

At any rate, the crisply sculpted and (usually) precisely painted new Stormtrooper helmets fit perfectly on the "Spacetrooper" neck peg, making for the simplest custom of all time (I am sure it's a draw, but it is one of them). Now you can get a good looking (as in screen-accurate) and well-articulated Stormtrooper all rolled into one.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swstc012

Can it get any better? Yes. If you used the helmet from the single-packed Rogue One Stormtrooper, you'd probably want to paint in the two trapezoidal areas on the back of the helmet (if you used the helmet from the two-pack, they are already -- and correctly -- painted). More importantly, while the "Spacetrooper" has 14 points of articulation, unfortunately the hips are swivel rather than ball-jointed. My attempts to swap out the legs with those from even better-articulated versions failed, although they should have worked in theory.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swstc013

I helped myself to a bunch of both figures some years ago and did some army building. The under-articulated bodies would act as holders for the unused heads and helmets and could always be used for background characters in formation (which would be more authentic than painting them in as they did for the emperor's arrival scene in Return of the Jedi).

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swstc014

Now here's the possible rub: these figures are getting rarer to find, but are still available and often inexpensive (even the 2-pack). But Hasbro has re-launched its Vintage Collection and started putting out some excellent and (even more encouraging) excellently-articulated 3.75-inch figures. Not yet available at the time of writing but advertised to appear this year is the Vintage Collection Rogue One Stormtrooper. If it is like the others in the series, and if its sculpting is on a par with the earlier under-articulated versions, it would obviate the "need" to kitbash the perfect Stormtrooper. Of course, you might prefer a real Original Trilogy figure (I think we all would), but the differences -- especially in this scale -- are largely too minute to notice (unlike with the sixth-scale figures). And you can never have too many Stormtroopers. So if you happen to have a bunch of these already in your collection, you could still apply this easy kitbash to make them more compatible with the new ones you might be interested to get. That, at least, is how I see it.

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Swstc015

As always, let me know what you think.

Note: For the ready-made fully-articulated new Hasbro Rogue One figure, see HERE.

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STAR WARS SpaceCops - Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:10 am

In part intending something very different (THIS), and in part inspired by blackpool (though I cannot compete with his excellence in photography and photoshop), I ended up putting this together. Disclaimer: do bear in mind it is all very much tongue in cheek, and while I am quite disappointed by the recent performance and attitudes of Lucasfilm, I am not actually quite as militant as so many of the hardcore fans and this is not necessarily a completely accurate representation of any of my views...

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Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Sdops116

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Hasbro Solo 12" figures - Mon May 14, 2018 7:49 am


Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the figures:

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Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Solopa11

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Hey Gub,
Is it me, or do you a get a "young Arnold " vibe off the Han head sculpt?

I think the heads for these figures can be great affordable alternatives for kitbashing. The heads on the original Hasbro 12" figures were always a smidge too big, while these seem much better.

As for high end 1/6 figures from the new movie, I think it will be a certainty, even if the movie doesn't score ( I don't know much about it yet, waiting to surprise myself)
Then it will come down to who buys the liscencing versus who offers us "Gambling Space Pilot" , " Furry, Loyal Companion" and "Smooth Talking Confidence Man"
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Hasbro Solo 12" figures - Sat May 12, 2018 11:09 am

Hasbro has a near monopoly on the more affordable lines of Star Wars action figure collectibles, and it has a variety of lines and sublines of related products. For a while they brought us some high quality "super articulated" (14 points of articulation) action figures in the "classic" scale (3.75"), which they later abandoned for nicely sculpted and painted but underarticulated (5 points) figures; lately, they have brought back some of the "super articulated" figures with the nostalgic classical packaging; unfortunately (from my perspective), these have tended to be from the sequel trilogy rather than the original one (which remains my main interest). The Hasbro "Black Series" also includes a line of "super articulated" 6" figures, which have been quite good on the whole -- certainly in terms of articulations, and in many (if not all) cases in terms of quality of sculpt and paint.

Then there are their larger figures. But whether these are 1/4 (?) scale or 1/6 scale, and whether they are just regular figures or have electronic/sound features, these have been disappointingly underarticulated. I generally ignore them completely, except for the Rogue One stormtroopers, who have yielded up their nicely sculpted and proportional helmets for the use of my nicely-articulated Bandai models. But with the new Star Wars movie Solo coming up, we see products related to that film crop up in all Hasbro lines. I don't know how much of this will be translated into high-end sixth-scale collectables (besides, of course, the protagonists), so I did look at it. Especially the imperial troopers. In the tradition of Star Wars films, we are served with additional and increasingly dubious trooper types: the dirty and slightly modified Mimban Stormtrooper, the Ranger Trooper, the Mud Trooper, and the Patrol Trooper. Why regular stormtroopers and scout troopers could not have made do (besides the occasion for additional toy designs) remains (and will surely remain) a mystery. I suppose not everyone is like me, willing to shell out more money for already-existing trooper types. To add to the annoyance, so far they seem to be scattered among different lines: the Mud Trooper is 1/4 (?) scale, the Ranger Trooper is 6" (1/12 scale), the Mimban Stormtrooper is 3.75" (there might be a different scale version too), and the Patrol Trooper is 12" (1/6 scale). Perhaps eventually we'll get more of them in the same scale -- these products have a notably poor consistency of distribution, as Michael Crawford has pointed out.

I picked up Hasbro's basic 12" Han Solo and Patrol Trooper. At first sight I was impressed with the former's head sculpt, and I thought the Patrol Trooper might come in handy for kitbashing later on. The figures appear to be slightly under scale, closer to the 11.5" mark. As I expected, the articulation is atrocious: we are back to the old Kenner 3.75" five-point articulation, except that the hands can also rotate around the axis of the wrists. The paint application is also pretty poor: this is more visible on the Patrol Trooper where we need clean lines (ironically, it seems to be worst on the helmet, where it should be best), but also on some spots of Han, too (for example, the hair around and especially behind the ears). A repaint might help both. The sculpts are very good overall, especially considering that these were being sold for $8. In both cases the belts are (or were) a separate, softer-plastic piece affixed into place. The Patrol Trooper's lenses and Han's buckle are given appropriately glossy or shiny paint finishes; Han's eyes feature the dreaded paint dot. The Patrol Trooper design looks like a Stormtrooper, Scarif/Beach Trooper, and a Scout Trooper had some unholy union and somehow produced a bouncing baby boy featuring aspects of each type, vaguely reminiscent of things we end up seeing in the sequel trilogy; that said it is marginally cool-looking, or it would be, if it were not so transparently derivative and unnecessary. I suspect the same could be said for the other new trooper types.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the figures:

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Solopa10

Topics tagged under hasbro on OneSixthFigures Solopa11

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